EVlncRNA-pred: Predicting long noncoding RNAs validated by low throughput experiments

The input file format should be GTF format, which could use the full-feature model or sequence-only model;

Genome assembly version: human (GRCh37), mouse (GRCm38), and plant (TAIR10).

The 1st column should be chromosome ID: "chr*"; The 3rd column should be "exon"; The 7th column should be "+/-"; The 10th column should be " transcript_id"; Otherwise, running the program will result in errors.

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Species: Features:

For plant, only the full-feature model except DNA conservation or sequence-only model except DNA conservation could be used.

full: full-feature model; sequence: sequence-only model;

full_exc_DNA_cons: full-feature model except DNA conservation;

sequence_exc_DNA_cons: sequence-only model except DNA conservation.

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